The Values of Getting and Staying Fit – Afterburn Fitness

Only 1 out of 3 people will maintain their weight loss goals once they have achieved them. Why is that? Once we reach our goals, it is easy to get “comfortable” or have extra cheat meals and not think about it because you are at your goal weight. It is important to remember that often times the losing is easier than the maintenance. The maintenance takes consistency and work, a lot of it! Just because you hit that “magic” number or goal doesn’t mean all that hard work you put in to get there goes out the window, instead a new level of discipline is needed.

Here are a few ways to stay fit and stay at your goal:
Plan your cheat meals. If you know you are going to go out for drinks during the week or weekend, eat healthy all week leading up to that day.
Meal Prep. Following a set meal plan will help prevent mid-week binges due to hunger. When we’re busy with work or the kids, it is easy to just grab whatever is convenient. If you have the meals prepped and in the fridge, that becomes your convenience.
Get your spouse and or family on board. It is SO much easier to eat healthy and clean and get to the gym when you have someone else doing it with you. It’s much easier to give into your pizza cravings when your significant other is on the phone ordering an extra large pizza for takeout!
Workout and build muscle! The more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolism is and the more calories your burn at REST! Many people feel that cardio, cardio and more cardio is the way to go and sure, cardio is necessary to reach those goals but so is strength training to build muscle
The values of getting and staying fit:
Keep your heart healthy. The most dramatic benefit of workout is to the heart and blood vessels. An exercised and fit body allows the heart to pump less rapidly while at rest.
Keep Cholesterol in check. Exercise help cholesterol move out of the body rather than sticking on the artery walls and tissues
Keep up with your kids and grandkids! At Afterburn Fitness, we help you with the workouts and the nutrition by giving you a meal plan to follow to achieve your goal and also to maintain! Our intense classes, experienced trainers and full gym give you all the tools needed to get in the best shape of your life! Check it out for 1 week FREE!