The Martini – The Social

Whether it’s the tangible preparation, the jargon, or subculture, martinis are a timelessly classic way of enjoying alcohol. The sound of ice colliding with metal, frozen water molecules combining with warm libations until the tin is strained, creating chilled nectar that is delicately poured into a glass vessel. The martini shaker itself seems to be some sort of time capsule, reminding us of a vastly influential cocktail culture and its rich history in our country. Martinis are certainly their own breed—the nuance and specificity of preparation and consumption is nothing short of liturgical.

The martini has evolved over time, but in many respects has withstood trends and the fickle nature of the general public. This brings us to The Social, where Santa Clarita bartenders and patrons alike hold down the martini fort. The birth of The Social was pure and simple enough: To provide the citizens of the greater Santa Clarita area with something they were missing—a quality bistro restaurant and martini lounge with professional service. Ten years later the age-old adage remains, that the proof is in the pudding—especially when it comes to food and drink.

Although the food menu is classically delicious, the martini menu defines the uniquity of The Social. Walking into the old brick building, one will notice the slightly-worn-from-use martini menus standing proudly on the cocktail tables in the bar. In an era when complex mixology is all the rage, The Social stands as a testament to amusingly straightforward martinis. The plethora of martinis on the menu feature both classic and modern styles. It’s not every day that one can order a vodka martini with hand-stuffed blue cheese olives and a rendition of a piece of key lime pie on the same menu. One of the more popular martinis is essentially an interpretation of a cosmopolitan, playfully named the “Porn Star.”

Here are a couple recipe breakdowns for consideration:

Equal parts clementine and raspberry vodkas, one part Rated X liqueur, and a splash of cranberry juice.

Graham-cracker-rimmed martini glass, a dash of fresh whip-cream made in-house, vanilla vodka, sweetened lime juice and lemonade.

The bartenders’ martini repertoires exceed the confines of the menu, so don’t be afraid to test their knowledge. The timeless originality of the place is complimented by the chic ambiance, custom art, and décor. The Social is an alternative to crafty beers and corporate cocktail menus. This is your invitation to socialize at The Social.