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Robert Schwartz
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Mr. Schwartz was born, raised and educated in Southern California. He received his BA in Political Science from UCLA, his MA in History from California State University, Northridge, and a College Counseling Certificate from UCLA. His prior work includes stints with NASA, Morgan Stanley, and just shy of nine years at The Princeton Review. He is also a current faculty member of the UCLA College Counseling program.
He has spent the last six years working as an independent college counselor and is contracted with families across the state. He is a member of the Western Association of College Admission Counselors (WACAC), as well as the national association (NACAC). He is also the author of the College Knowledge Quarterly, a college information newsletter, and the producer and host of Ready…Set…COLLEGE! a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing college information.
When not working in a counseling capacity, Mr. Schwartz contributes his time to the Schwartz Scholarship Fund, a college scholarship and internship program he founded in 2012, dedicated to outstanding California high school students.


Robert Schwartz - Premier College Guidance

Students and parents seldom get all of the personal help they want and need from their high school college counseling program. Your college counselor is responsible to the Juniors and Seniors – half of your high school! That is why families turn to us.
Premier College Guidance also provides something your high school counselors can’t: assistance with financial aid planning that is critical to keeping the cost of college reasonable. We supplement a student’s high school college counselor. For home-schooled students, we become the primary counselor.
Unlike high school, we work with all of the parts of the college planning puzzle. By integrating these key pieces, students and families make excellent decisions and get tremendous results.
When working with a family, we develop a trusting and open relationship with the student and parents. We encourage parents and students to call and email us as often as they need. The strong relationships we establish with each family produces excellent results.
As your personal counselor, we eliminate the burden, stress and the uncertainties families encounter in the college planning and admission process.

We believe in helping families find the right colleges to maximize student experience and reduce parent costs. Getting into ‘top’ colleges is very competitive, so we also give families the personal help they need to get their students accepted into the colleges they want to attend and get the financial aid they need to make the dream happen.

We Can Help You

At Premier College Guidance, we are your coach and do your planning and research work, and help you:

  • With Your Curriculum and Extracurricular Planning and Guidance
  • Explore and Find College Majors and Careers
  • With Your College Search, Selection and Developing Your Admission Strategy
  • Write Dynamic College Essays
  • Assist in the pursuit of both Merit and Need-Based Financial Aid
  • With Your Scholarship searches
  • Acquire outstanding letters of recommendation
  • Understand how to demonstrate your interest to colleges that are very much interested in you

Parents can face excessive college bills, ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Let us help you make the right decisions to achieve admission success and financial wellness throughout this process!

Amherst College: $67,200 Columbia University: $65,860 Carnegie Mellon University: $65,900
Dartmouth College: $67,700 Emory University: $63,100 George Washington Univ.: $66,300
Occidental College: $67,000 Tufts University: $65,900 Tulane University: $66,500
University of Chicago: $66,800 Vassar College: $66,100 Williams College: $66,200
*COA shown is the value for living on-campus during the 2015-16 school year according to and does not include any financial aid consideration, either need-based or merit.

FREE 60-90-Minute College Planning Consultation

During our free 1½-hour college planning consultation, I will discuss:

  • Answering your college planning questions
  • Developing dynamic extracurricular activities
  • How to get accepted into selective colleges
  • Finding the best colleges for your child
  • SAT and ACT testing strategies
  • Writing dynamic college essays
  • Getting the financial aid that you need
  • Exploring college majors and careers
  • Choosing the right high school curriculum
  • Reducing the college planning stress on your family

Rob Schwartz will come to your home or meet in our PCG Offices in Westlake Village to meet with your family. There is no cost or obligation. Get the information you need to make informed college decisions!
Call or email today to book a free consultation: 818-359-3779 or [email protected]