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In-Style – Protect Your Color

Sunlight can bleach out your hair—whether it’s colored or au natural. “Unfortunately, the results of sun exposure on your hair can be unpredictable and unattractive,” says Tiffany. “Although it’s likely that natural hair might take on subtle highlights from the sun, processed hair can turn brassy and lose luster,” she concludes.

So how can you protect your hair—create a sunblock! Tiffany explains that, “Because there is no effective chemical product or dye designed to counteract the impact of ultraviolet rays on hair (though added SPF helps), a wide brimmed hat is your best weapon for summer hair care.” You should try to find a hat made from tightly woven UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) fabric.

To provide additional protection, avoid chlorine, salt water, wind damage, extreme heat, and over proteinase of the hair with improper products. Additionally, avoid combing the hair when it has been in the water all day as well as combing the hair with a brush. Even if your hair has experienced some sun damage, you can prevent further harm and begin the repair process! Using a product specifically formulated to shield hair from the sun will offer some protection. Before venturing outdoors, spray wet or dry hair with a sun protection product like Vitamino Leave-in Treatment. Just as you re-apply sunscreen to your skin, reapply the hair treatment while you are out. At the end of your adventure, treat your hair with a Vitamin shampoo, an Absolute conditioning mask, and Lipidium Power dose treatment to further counteract the damages to your tresses.

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