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Clay & Tiffany Friedman and the team of stylists at N’Style Salon believe that true beauty is only revealed when a person’s appearance, personality and life style merge and become one. “Every client is an individual and unique not only in regards to their looks, but also with the sparkle that surfaces as you begin to bond. Changing your hair and hair cut design is a journey when great results are truly realized and the process is comfortable from start to finish. A Stylist recommendation should suit the client’s budget, lifestyle and the goals for their personalized look. “Sometimes less is more and more is sometimes more.” Our Stylist experience, technical training and artistic visions provide the confidence for clients to relax and have trust. A standard of principles recognized by the industry leaders such as; “ Modern Salon Magazine 2011, Top 200 in America”, Best Salons in America,” and “ Best Salon SCV,” N’Style Salon is committed to making a true difference with our clients and with our community.