Fit For Life – The Racing Flat Advantage For Cross Country by Fit For Life Runners Lane

Fit For Life – The Racing Flat Advantage For Cross Country

The technology built in today’s footwear can almost require an instructional manual to decipher what running, training or competition shoe would best suit an athlete. There are shoes for the person who wants extreme cushion such as Hoka One One and for people who want the most minimal footwear such as the New Balance Minimus. Although, many scoff at the idea that different types of shoes can benefit any one style of running, the proof is in the pudding, it does matter what you wear. You are what you wear and you should play the part!

For example, a Nascar high speed performance sports car would never have big foot monster truck tires to able to turn at high speeds around curves just as well as a monster truck would not have low profile Pirelli tires to give cushion over large mounds of terrain. A runner in a particular sport whether track and field or cross country should really consider proper equipment and utilize the benefits of shoes that are made for your sport.

The sport of cross country requires many miles logged before competition begins. Cross country is a dual shoe sport. One pair of shoes will be designated for long distance running during practice; and the second shoe, a cross country flat used for competition and/or speed training days.

The type of shoe needed during training runs can be determined with the help of your local running shoe shop. A specialized running shoe store will have a deeper knowledge of assessing your footwear needs by conducting a gait or walk/run analysis. Never buy your running shoes without really getting checked out. Many times with all of the information on the internet, runners can easily get confused on what shoes are intended for themselves, and their goals. At the store level, you’ll be able to try on the shoes, run in them, and get proper sizing as well as overall advice on everything running in general.

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