Finally, An Energy Saving Program That Puts Green In Your Pocket AND Is Green For The Environment – L.E.D. Inc

Many energy savings programs require a huge upfront investment, have long payback periods, and if you look carefully underneath, involve technology risks that may result in no payback at all. But that’s not true when converting from traditional to energy efficient lighting. Converting from traditional lighting to LEDs and other High-Efficiency options are a sure thing. It’s a rapid payback, proven technology and it’s environmentally responsible too. Here’s why:

Business owners typically save 60-80% off their CURRENT lighting bills by shifting to lighting that draws less power to generate the same intensity of light output. With electricity rates projected to skyrocket over the coming decade, the savings will compound.
Most energy efficient bulbs last much longer (up to 5x’s!) than traditional bulbs. That translates to work environments with fewer burned out bulbs and greater safety. It also means much lower maintenance costs, less down-time to replace bulbs and saves on replacement costs.
Not only are there fewer bulbs ending up in land-fills when you use energy efficient bulbs, but there are far fewer toxic chemicals being discarded too. Traditional fluorescent bulbs, for example, have high levels of mercury that leach into the ground when discarded. LED bulbs have no such toxic chemicals.
LEDs do not flicker, and there are many options for the light color (warm to cool). This means the lighting is easy on your workers eyes, safer, and is directional so you can have light exactly where you need it.
There are a number of subsidy programs and financing options available to business owners to help reduce the load on California’s power grids. We help you find the best options for your business.
To find out how much money your business can save by converting to high-efficiency lighting, and what kinds of financial incentives are available for you, call us at (661) 254-3800 to schedule a completely FREE, no-obligation, comprehensive audit of your facility.

Chris Fall is the President of Lighting Efficiency & Design (l.e.d.), the Santa Clarita-based company that specializes in energy efficiency lighting for office, commercial, industrial space and much more. L.e.d. was awarded the prestigious 2013 Small Business Of The Year form the 38th Assembly District.