FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do APRG members pay a fee?

Yes, our members pay a fee for local marketing (i.e. their local magazine, web hosting, staff, etc.), which is a way to educate to educate their communities about important financial topics so they can make informed decisions regarding their finances.

How do you selected your local Professionals?

Our members must apply for their exclusive position in their field of expertise, in which they must go through a rigorous evaluation process based on experience, reputation, community involvement and core belief in the importance of extraordinary service.

Why use a APRG Professional?

APRG are thoroughly vetted by APRG Corp and by local members based on experience, reputation, proper licensing and community involvement. Being a APRG member isn’t easy, it’s hard work because our members are held to the highest standards of excellence.
Client feedback and reviews are monitored daily to ensure the highest level of service.

Do APRG members work for APRG?

No, APRG is a marketing brand and has no financial interest in it’s members business. All members are independently owned and operated.