5 things not to do when selling your home – Steve Corn

5 Things Not To Do When Selling Your Home

5 things not to do when selling your home Sold - Steve Corn

When you make the decision to sell your home, you engage an emotional part of the brain that hasn’t been triggered in a long time. Many people all of a sudden become Real Estate Experts and with this, attract all kinds of unsolicited advice from friends and family that will validate just how much of an expert you really are. The problem with this is that you now start to doubt the professionals you hired to help you sell your valuable asset and position yourself directly in the way of an oncoming train. Here are my observations of the 5 things you shouldn’t do when selling your home.

1. Don’t override your Agent’s advice when it comes to pricing the home. The major issue here is you don’t have access to the valuation tools your Agent has. Don’t listen to your neighbor, friend, friend of a friend, Uncle or Cousin that sells real estate in San Diego. They have no idea how the market changes where your home is located therefore they have no way of accurately understanding the trends of the prior month or the month ahead. The last thing you want to do is be behind the pricing curve. Once you get to this place, you’ll have missed the boat on receiving offers from viable Buyer’s approved at the top of your price range and you will end up reducing the price way beyond what you would have sold it for if you priced it right to begin with just to get it sold.

2. Don’t count on the various online real estate portals that use computer algorithms to tell you what your home is really worth. If this resource was accurate, it would also drive to your home, stick a sign in the ground, upload the data to the MLS, hold an open house, network with other Realtors to market your property and look a Realtor in the eye when presenting an offer to you.

3. Don’t ignore your Agents advice to unclutter your walls with every picture or painting you have ever acquired or shelves with every knick knack you’ve collected along the way. As much as it may pain you to do this, it is twice as hard for your Agent to give you this honest and constructive advice. People who walk thru your home want to envision what their pictures would look like on your walls and what their prized possessions could look like on the mantle or corner of the family room. Your Agent has the best sense for how your property will show the best. Listen to them. Isn’t that what you hired them for?

4. Don’t make it difficult to show your property. Once you have decided to sell, you need to be committed to being a model Seller. Don’t restrict access to your property; you’ll only be hurting your odds of receiving a top dollar offer.

5. Finally the last tip, if your circumstances in life are not what you envisioned but you have decided to sell, realize that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Get out of your own way; listen to the team you have hired. Take their advice to heart. Do your part. 99% of the Agents I work with have no other motive than to help you realize your goal of moving up or down with the best possible set of circumstances.

If you would like a referral to one of the Agents I put in the 99% category mentioned above, give me a call and I’ll connect you.
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